Our Services
  • Precision CNC Machining

    Precision CNC Machining

    One off parts and prototypes as well as large production runs up to 10,000+ units.

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  • Emergency machining

    Emergency machining

    Fast production of new parts or repair and modification of existing components to help with breakdowns and supply shortage.

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  • General Engineering

    General Engineering

    Welding, Bending, Fabrication, including Prototype manufacture,

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  • Extra services

    Extra services

    Reverse engineering, Hardening, Anodising, Electroplating, Assembly, cleaning, packaging.

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CNC Milling, CNC Turning & Metal Engineering Excellence

At Natex Engineering, we understand our clients’ expectations for precision, accuracy and outstanding quality in the components steering their businesses. With over 50 years of experience in the metal machining and manufacturing industry, we have combined the latest engineering technologies with quality control to produce meticulous products that are delivered in a timely manner. Our engineers are committed to the art of CNC milling, CNC turning and other metal machining processes, providing expertise from pre-production to the final product.

Why Choose Natex Engineering?

  • We supply to most industries - The components we make are used by some of the biggest names in Australia, from the trucking, automotive, mining, gas, agriculture, building, manufacturing and food industries.
  • Small and large batch quantities - We produce one off parts and prototypes as well as large production runs up to 10,000+ units.
  • Short lead times - We are able to produce components more efficiently than the industry average.
  • Prototyping - We work closely with our clients on new designs to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Precision CNC Machining

    Looking for the highest level of craftsmanship when it comes to accuracy and consistency? We have provided efficient solutions in CNC milling, CNC turning, plastic machining and casting machining. Our team’s years of experience combined with cutting edge engineering technology, ensures we produce high quality products that meet your specific requirements.

    General Engineering

    Manufacturing high quality, cost-effective components that are durable, is our priority. We are continually evolving to ensure we remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology as our wide range of machinery enables us the flexibility to produce one of the widest ranges of parts in the industry through sheet metal fabrication, prototype manufacturing, welding and heavy machining.

    Extra Services

    By applying strict quality control systems, we are focused on adhering to the highest Australian Standards when it comes to precision. We are your comprehensive workshop that encompasses all your engineering needs, including laser cutting, electroplating, anodising, assembly and reverse engineering.

    Let us help you turn your idea into reality by getting in touch with one of our skilled team members via our online form or calling our Melbourne office on (03) 9308 0855.


    • Daniel


      Heavy Truck Industry

      Natex have been our goto company for all of our turned and milled components Daniel

    • Simon


      Caravan Industry

      Natex Engineering have helped our company design and develop new parts for ou Simon

    • Brian



      We came to Natex Engineering with a prototype of a product we wanted to be pr Brian

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