QDo I need to provide a CAD model ?


We are flexible regarding the supplied data. We currently make parts to CAD drawings, sketches and even reverse engineer samples as required. We will make the parts as per you direction, so please ensure it is correct.

QWhat is the best way to ensure my parts will fit?


The best advice to ensure fitment is to supply the mating part for trials. We have found many imported parts are not to standard specifications, unfortunately this is worst with parts coming from low cost countries.

If you priovide us a mating part, we can test the fittment before delivery. This is more cost effective than modifying the components at a later date.

QCan you help with specifications?


We understand that sometimes you may need some help with design and material selection. We can provide you our advice on the design and possible way the design may be improved. This may include ideas on how the cost of the component can be reduced. As we are unable to determine how the component will be treated, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the component has been designed "fit for purpose".